The mission of the Office of the District Attorney is to promote justice and protect the people of Covington, Jasper, Simpson, and Smith Counties by aggressively prosecuting criminals and holding them accountable for their actions.  People who break the laws of the State of Mississippi must understand that there are consequences for their actions.  We seek to protect the innocent, and preserve the rights and dignity of the victims of all crimes and their families.  Our vision is to promote and enhance the quality of life in our community and to make our community a safe place to live, work, and play through our Safe Kids, Safe Streets program.  In addition, the Office of the District Attorney has a Worthless Check Unit which prosecutes bad check writers for area merchants at no cost to the merchants.  We also have a Pre-Trial Intervention Program for first-time non-violent offenders; we believe in second chances for individuals who have not committed violent crimes.  As District Attorney, and as a lifelong resident of this district, I am committed to protecting our children, making our streets safe and ensuring victim's rights.  The work at the Office of the District Attorney, I believe, is the people's business, and I and my staff, will ensure that it will be conducted without bias, prejudice, improper influence, or financial standing.  We are all created equal, and I and my staff, will ensure that justice will be served in the utmost professional manner.

Daniel C. Jones
District Attorney

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